Oakridge Dairy is comprised of a team of dedicated people who work toward producing quality  milk products in unity with our community. Each member of the Oakridge team identifies and works to fulfill our core values as they complete their job tasks. If you believe you possess qualities of our core values and want to work at Oakridge fill out an application below.  Applications can be submitted by mail, email, fax or dropped off at our office.

Oakridge Dairy está conformado por un equipo de personas comprometidas que trabajan con el fin de producir leche de calidad en unidad con nuestra comunidad.  Cada miembro del equipo se identifica y trabaja para cumplir con nuestros valores principales mientras que trabajan en sus tareas diarias.  Si usted cree que posee las cualidades de nuestros valores principales y quiere trabajar en Oakridge llene una aplicación disponible abajo. Las aplicaciones de trabajo pueden ser enviadas por correo regular, correo electrónico, fax o dejándolas en nuestra oficina.  

All 40+ hr employee qualify 401K after 1 year of start date with  a 4% match

Vacation time is 40 hours after one year of being employed

All 40+ hr employee qualify for health insurance after 60 days of employment.



For all employment inquiries, contact office@oakridgedairy.com

Oakridge Office

76 Jobs Hill

Ellington, CT 06029

Fax: 860-870-1834


Job Applications

If you feel you have the characteristics and qualifications to become part of the Oakridge Dairy team for a posted position, please fill out an application below.  If you would like to submit a general application for future positions to have on file please use the links below as well. 



Employment Opportunities

Oakridge has an opening for a milker.  

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However, if you would like to apply for a different position, have a passion for agriculture, and identify with our core values, please submit an application to keep on file in our office. As the need for additional team members arise, we will review applications on file.