Currently public tours are not available due to some safety regulations. Please check back in the next few months. Below is what will be available after the issues are resolved.

If you’re interested in touring the farm, please use the contact form below and we’ll schedule a time that works for you! Should you decide to visit us, remember that we are a working farm so wear clothes and shoes that are suitable. You’ll see firsthand how the girls live in our state-of-the-art “hotel”. We’ll visit the the main barn (aka. the lobby) and see the “kitchen” where we make daily nutritious meals for them. Learn our day-to-day operations, efficiencies, and much more that goes into making fresh quality milk. Our last stop is our unique milking carousel where the girls get milked. You’ll be amazed at how much care we put into maintaining happy cows that make great tasting milk!


Drop us a line to let us know how we can help or any questions you may have. We’d love to hear from you!

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