Oakridge Dairy is located in North Central CT and is the largest dairy farm in the state.  Founded in the late 1890’s we have committed to improving farming for over 5 generations.  We believe if you know your farms you know your food. That’s why we believe in transparency and invite our friends and community into our dairy family. Our goal is simple: great farms make great food.  We strive to uphold that starting with healthy cows and homegrown food; cared for by great people for many generations to come.



At Oakridge Dairy there’s more to do than just milking cows. From birthing calves raised to adulthood, to managing our land yielding crops to feed our herd. Each hard working division focuses on their area of expertise to achieve our goal together. While the milking division is tasked with milking thousands of cows, day after day after day, the chores of all other divisions vary greatly from season to season. There’s land to till, crops to plant, calves to birth, fertilizer to spread, young to raise, and finally crops to harvest.



It all started over 100 years ago with the Adolph Bahler family. Our family was one of many small farms scattered across New England raising not only dairy cows but also growing tobacco and potatoes as cash crops. Through the decades dairy became our passion and while time moved on and other dairy farms closed their doors, we pushed forward. Through that process we learned one thing; quality does not happen by chance; it’s done on purpose. In 2016 we decided to take things to the next level by building our current facility that is 318,000 sq. ft. We built this with three things in mind: first and foremost the comfort of our cows and also efficiency & sustainability. The integrity of our farm and milk has been our priority from the beginning.



Now well into a 5th generation, our goal is to get great tasting milk from our parlor to your home as quickly as possible so you’re drinking fresh quality milk that you can trust. 50 years ago your local milkman would deliver fresh milk to your doorstep. Every family knew the farm it came from.  And you knew it was fresh. Thus began our latest endeavour, The Modern Milkman, where old fashioned farming and service meets today’s day and age. The Modern Milkman is a weekly subscription-based box service that delivers fresh Oakridge milk (milked less than 24 hours ago) along with local farm fresh eggs, butter, yogurt and cheese right to your doorstep. While a lot of our milk is still being supplied to Guida’s Milk in New Britain, CT our heart is in The Modern Milkman and believe this is the future of dairy, where community and honest dairy come together.