It begins with a happy cow and continues with an exceptional level of care throughout our process. When we say happy cows make great milk we mean it! Did you know that cows love a boring, consistent life? Without it cows become confused, agitated and in other words “stressed out”. A stressed cow does not produce as much milk and you can actually taste a difference. Truly! Another thing that makes a cow happy is good health and Oakridge cows are cared for by our dedicated farmers and vets that provide an optimal living habitat for our girls.



With over 2,800 holstein cows, how do we milk them all? Cows love routine, so that’s what we give them. Once we open the door, they make their way down the corridor to a state of the art milking carousel.  The carousel consists of 72 stalls and constantly rotates at a slow, steady pace. When the cow enters the carousel, it is cleaned and hooked to a machine which will automatically release once the cow is finished. From start to finish it takes about 10 minutes, allowing them to exit one by one to head back to the barn. Once the milk leaves the cow it is carried to a container that cools the milk from 100 degrees to 35 degress in 3 seconds – this process ensures maximum quality and freshness. After the milk is cooled it heads to a 6000 gal. tanker truck that acts as a big insulated thermos where it will be stored. Each load is tested for quality where it then is labeled and sealed until it reaches bottling.


We’d love to tell you even more about our milking process. Stop by and visit us for a farm tour!



We take great effort to ensure our milk is kept fresh, safe and honest. Our milk is never treated with rBGH and an ill cow is removed from the herd so that she can be treated (just like you would one of your loved ones). From there she must undergo rigorous testing for even the slightest traces of antibiotic before returning to the herd to ensure nothing is passed along. Rest assured there are no antibiotics or added hormones in any of our milk. Every 8 hours the parlor is shut down for a 1 hour cleaning. We believe in a transparent milking process that you can trust. At Oakridge you’ll find exterior glass doors looking into our milking parlor, glass windows on our farm tours, and even glass bottles on the milk you buy because we want you to know your farm and trust your milk.


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