The planting and harvest seasons are an exciting time around the farm. Currently we farm around 3000 acres which includes corn silage, grass silage, rye and sunflowers. The exciting thing about our farm is that we can grow our own quality food that is then passed along to our girls who in return produce great tasting milk. Approximately 2000 acres are dedicated to corn that we plant in the spring with a 12 row no-till corn planter. A no-till planter drills through the ground to plant the seeds which preserves the soil and decreases erosion. During the months of June, July and August the corn grows and is then harvested in the fall. When it’s time to harvest the corn, an 8 row Claas corn chopper chops the whole plant and blows it in the silage truck that drives alongside the chopper. The silage truck then drives it back to the farm where the load is weighed and dumped. Tractors pack the silage pile to help the corn ferment by squeezing out the oxygen. Hay is harvested in a similar process 4 times a year.